Test product 1

A full-screened room with animations and voice-over effects make guests believe that they are in a virtual world. Visitors can control the  content with a featured object which hides many sensors to detect movements as they hold and move it in their hands.

To be considered

Curved projection surface or curved LED-screen can be built, but the most commonly applied setup is a squared room with LED-walls in front and two sides to create a 270-degree panoramic view. The content development has to be considered as the most critical part of this event solution. An immersive experience can be guaranteed only with perfectly adjusted visual elements.

Applicable contents

  • At least 270-degree panoramic photos.
  • High-resolution videos converted to 360-degree renders.
  • VR content.
  • 360-degree 3D renders, animations.

Content development

We can develop panoramic and VR content utilizing source files or from scratch based on the client’s need. In other cases, the client-provided materials have to be created in line with the specifications of the installation.

Required inputs

  • The theme to present. (Product presentation, virtual tour, panoramic landscape, atmospheric mood footage, brand identity, etc.)
  • Sources related to the chosen theme.
  • Branding elements.

Technical specifications

  • Minimum inner size requirements: width 300 cm, depth 300 cm, height 250 cm
  • Minimum outer size requirements: width 430 cm, depth 365 cm (cover
  • Minimum LED pixel pitch requirement: 2.9 mm
  • Content can be controlled with NFC cube or touch screens (eg. iPad)

Delivery time with approximately 6 touch points or continuous: 5-7 weeks.